Mondays w/ Sydney

 Hey hi,

I know its been a while since I've posted here, I've been all over the place with life,travel,work and 

etc. I hope those of you that do check this are all doing well.  I really want to try and find a way to 

change this blog/journal and make it  bit more of a visual diary of all my shoots and just everyday

life.  Ive been shooting some exciting stuff and want to share it with you all besides on just

instagram! Anyway here was a shoot for a few weeks back in September I did with my homie


Wilhelmina x Breanna

I recently have started doing test shoots with the modeling agency Wilhelmina. So ill be sharing more of my photosets here over the course of the next few months while i test with different models. I shot with the talented BreAnna the other day, she a total babe and absolute sweetheart. 


Ocean Textures

Recently I've been slightly obsessed with the ocean. I guess you can say since i was in atlanta for the previous 3 months being landlocked that could be why. Anyway I've been trying to fly daily at the beach and just capture some cool perspectives of white water and surfers & etc.


Nereya from Miami.

From my last trip to Miami, i got the chance to hang and shoot with my girl Nereya. She's a full time model from Miami, and just a mega babe! We shot a the beach super quick because it was so hot. So ill make this brief and show you the fire we came up with.